About DeafKidz International

Our Values

We are...

  • Deaf led: demonstrating to D/deaf CYP that they can achieve and succeed

  • Committed to the integration of D/deaf and hearing people: through which we 'normalise' D/deafness and reduce stigma

  • Total communication in approach: using every communication means - sign language / spoken language - to adoption of safe behaviours

  • Innovative: using digital technologies to achieve scale and impact

  • Evidence led: using outcome and impact data to evidence sustainable change

  • Value for money: cost effective with no expensive overheads

  • Trusted professionals: consummate in our attention to detail

  • Robust: prepared to work on the issues in the geographies others won't go

  • The go-to partner of choice: for the global humanitarian, development and health community.

Our Strategic Aims

  • Empower D/deaf CYP to reduce risk and vulnerability to abuse
  • Achieving 1.5m contacts with D/deaf CYP
  • Achieving 2m contacts with siblings, parents & peers
  • Resource professionals to respond to the safeguarding and protection needs of D/deaf CYP
  • Achieving 2m contacts with professionals working with D/deaf CYP
  • Build robust and sustainable organisation
  • Securing £150k in unrestricted reserves
  • Developing franchise / cascade Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) model
  • Provide a contractual service to the global humanitarian, development and health community / commercial partners.
  • Securing £1.5m in new business income

Sustainable Development Goals

Through our three year strategy we will work towards the following Sustainable Development Goals;

No Poverty, Good Health and Well-Being, Gender Equality, and Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.

Cross Cutting Themes


D/deafness is the third largest disability globally (World Health Organisation, World Development Report, 2015) but the least resourced. Our work will seek to ‘normalise’ D/deafness through the integration of Deaf and hearing people; to demonstrate the value of joint working and to position DKI as role models for our partners such as Islamic Relief Worldwide and Oxfam.


D/deaf girls and young women experience endemic abuse. We will therefore champion gender equality and parity in all our work, empowering D/deaf girls to live safely and without fear of abuse.

Policy and Advocacy

DKI’s contribution to lasting health change is only possible when its EHDI model, toolkit resources and other innovations are translated into policies. It is now time for us to translate our learning and product outputs into policy and advocacy work that promotes attitudinal, systematic and procedural change; no D/deaf child will be left behind.


We will improve access to safeguarding and protection support through the use of innovative digital technologies that achieve scale, quality and impact.

Our Protection Envelope

The sequential means by which we will ensure D/deaf CYP are able to reduce their risk and vulnerability to abuse.

Our Model of Intervention

Through which we will achieve our strategic aims.