Launch of DEAFKIDZ vs COVID-19 online games

DeafKidz International is delighted to announce the launch of our brand new DEAFKIDZ vs COVID-19 online games!

Click here to play DEAFKIDZ vs COVID-19 games!

In these strange and challenging times of COVID-19, we are all concerned about how to stay safe. Although there are resources available explaining COVID-19, how it affects us, and how to minimise the spread of the virus, none have been developed in consultation with Deaf children and with their specific communication and information needs central. Yet, Deaf children, like all children, should be empowered to stay safe and to reduce their risk to infection and transmission, based on informed choice and safe behaviours.

DeafKidz International is delighted to have developed this all new resource titled DEAFKIDZ vs COVID-19, which contains an animated simple introduction to the virus, and is followed by three visual, interactive and fun mini games which reinforce the vital messages of keeping hands away from the face, washing hands properly, and maintaining that all important requirement to social distance. This innovative resource is a fun and informative way for Deaf children to understand the challenge of COVID-19 and to keep themselves and others safe; all of which ensures No Deaf Child is Left Behind and exposed to the virus.

While we have followed the UK government advice on COVID-19 safety measures, we understand this may differ from country to country and so encourage everyone to follow their own government’s guidance and advice on protecting themselves from COVID-19 and staying safe.

This new resource was possible thanks to the support of the Oak Foundation and its US based partner, the Tides Foundation through their partner Tides.

It is clear that communities worldwide will experience the 'aftershocks' of the COVID-19 pandemic for the foreseeable future, and DeafKidz International will continue to ensure that no Deaf child is left behind, both in the containment and post-containment phase.

We hope you will join us in sharing our new DEAFKIDZ vs COVID-19 games globally through your networks. Please email to let us know your thoughts or any questions here.

Thank you and stay safe!

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