Let’s Talk Inclusion: digital solutions

23rd July 2018

Let's talk inclusion: Digital SolutionsDeafKidz International is pleased to announce its exciting participation at this year’s, Global Disability Summit on Monday 23rd July and Tuesday 24th July, in partnership with Islamic Relief Worldwide and Every1Mobile!

The summit aims to raise global attention and focus on a long-neglected area, mobilise new global and national commitments on disability and showcase good practice, innovation and evidence from across the world. Suffice to say, we’re delighted to be involved in this seminal event as we look to demonstrate, with our partners, the potential of mobile and internet technology for enabling D/deaf children and young people to access protection and safeguarding messaging.

This initiative will see DeafKidz International work with the global leader for digital inclusion, Every1Mobile, to develop content which D/deaf children can access through mobile phone and tablet devices. The content will be simple, easy to understand and replicable at scale. With Islamic Relief Worldwide we’ll be testing this operating methodology and content in a range of settings. All of which will enable DeafKidz International, Every1Mobile and Islamic Relief Worldwide to determine how best to utilise this technology to ensure reach, impact and behavioural change as never before!

Hosted by the British Government, the Government of Kenya and the International Disability Alliance, the Summit has tabled a high level of ambition, seeking participants to be bold and brave in their commitment on four key themes; tackling stigma and discrimination, inclusive education, technology and innovation, and economic empowerment. We’re part of this commitment and have made a number of pledges we which will share with you now…

Tackling stigma and discrimination:

We will work in partnership with the Ayesha Bashir Trust in Pakistan, funded by UK AID Direct, to ensure D/deaf children and young people reduce their risk and vulnerability to negative stereotypes, attitudes and behaviours

Inclusive Education

We will work with the British Council and the European Union to ensure that teachers for the Deaf in Iraq protect and safeguard the D/deaf children in their care, reducing their risk and vulnerability to abuse

Technology and Innovation

In partnership with Islamic Relief Worldwide and Every1Mobile, we will ensure D/deaf children in low resource and complex humanitarian settings are able to access safeguarding messaging through digital messaging

Girls and Women with Disabilities

In partnership with Laureus Sport for Good, we will work to ensure D/deaf girls and young women in Jamaica reduce their risk and vulnerability to Gender Based Violence

People with Disabilities in Humanitarian Contexts

With Save the Children UK and Islamic Relief World Wide, we will work to ensure D/deaf children and young people in complex humanitarian settings are able to access protection, communication, health and educational services in the communication mode of choice

Over the next few days we’ll keep you updated on the progress of the summit; we’re trusting that much will be achieved!

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