DeafKidz International Strategic Plan 2020-2023

As the global leader for the safeguarding and protection of deaf children, DeafKidz International’s Strategic Plan 2020-23 seeks to bring about meaningful change in the lives of deaf children worldwide.


DeafKidz International has evolved tremendously since its inception in 2013, and we believe this strategy demonstrates that growth and development, while still remaining agile and flexible to the demands of a changing world and the needs of deaf people.


Through a five-point change framework that focuses on the safeguarding & protection, communication, health, education and economic needs of the deaf communities we serve, our three-year strategy aims to address the critical challenges faced by deaf children, young people and adults living in some of the poorest and most complex contexts across the world.


We will deliver this through a service and partnership model working closely with partners on the ground, empowering them to ensure our work is locally driven, impactful and sustainable. Our way of working puts deaf children first, creating a platform for them to succeed, ensuring no deaf child is left behind.


Front cover of our Strategic Plan


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