The Migrant Crisis: Responding to the Needs of D/deaf Children and Young People

2nd March 2016

Photograph of a migrant camp100,000 migrants have entered Europe this year – and many, many, more will follow. There are D/deaf CYP within this migrant population…. We’ve met them and seen the appalling conditions in which they’re living and the insecurity they face. Accordingly, we’re working with a range of stakeholders to ensure that the needs of D/deaf children and young people trapped in this modern nightmare are met.

Pictured in a French migrant camp, this five year old is struggling to keep his cochlea implant serviceable in the wet, damp and dirty conditions. Furthermore, to charge the equipment that keeps his implant equipment functional. Rest assured, we’ll make sure this cochlea implant works and does the job it was designed to do.

We’ve seen that other D/deaf children lack communication support and therefore struggle to access the rudimentary healthcare and educational provision available in the camps. In this whole sifting flux of people, the protection of D/deaf children is also a key challenge. How do you mitigate the risk of trafficking and abuse, especially when the big INGOs are not remotely D/deaf aware? We’re on it and we’ll crack it through a process of structured consultation and D/deaf awareness training.

The French authorities may have started the demolition of the Calais ‘Jungle’, but this crisis isn’t going away and here at DeafKidz International, we’re settling down for the long haul.

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