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Launch of DeafKidz Defenders

We are thrilled to have launched DeafKidz Defenders: an early intervention, digital resource empowering deaf children to stay safe online.

Over the past 2 years, thanks to funding from The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children Safe Online programme we have been developing DeafKidz Defenders, an early intervention, interactive, accessible digital platform to help young deaf children stay safe from online abuse and exploitation.

DeafKidz Defenders Dissemination Event

On 23rd November 2022 we were thrilled to reveal key findings from our pilot evaluation to key stakeholders and funders at our dissemination event in London.

A huge thank you to everyone who attended our event. It was an incredible afternoon of insightful presentations, sharing the positive findings of our pilot evaluation in South Africa & Pakistan and important discussions surrounding this innovative educational resource. Guest speakers at our event included our Global Ambassador, Colin Allen AM, Dr Howard Lake, Executive Director of the Global Partnership to End Violence, Jess Lishak from We Protect Global Alliance, Elizabeth Thomas, Debra Clelland, Thrive South Africa & Sarah Shaikh, Deaf Reach Pakistan. Thank you also to Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP for generously hosting the event in their London offices.

Please read our Summary Evaluation report, watch the event recording or read more about DeafKidz Defenders below, including videos from the schools in Pakistan and South Africa where we piloted this resource.

Photos from the event

View the event

If you would like to watch a recording of the dissemination event (includes British Sign Language Interpretation) please contact us using the form below.

    Why DeafKidz Defenders?

    One in three internet users worldwide is a child. As global access to the internet increases, this in turn brings rise to online abuse and exploitation. Deaf children are at least three times more likely to be abused than hearing children. At any one time, 750,000 individuals are estimated to be looking to connect with children for sexual purposes.

    DeafKidz Defenders is an innovative educational resource, architected by our Senior Programme Lead, Jaz Mann. This brings together visual animations, interactive training games, reinforcing activities & scenarios. DeafKidz Defenders also includes curriculum and lesson plans, equipping teaching staff with a resource tailored for educating deaf children, reducing their risk of online abuse and exploitation.

    This educational resource will teach deaf children a range of skills including:

    • How to protect themselves from online and face-to-face abuse
    • Learning what a risk situation might look like
    • Learning what’s appropriate and inappropriate in different situations
    • Building a foundation of increased knowledge and awareness

    This ground-breaking resource will reduce deaf children’s vulnerability to abuse and exploitation while also promoting their resilience and self-advocacy. This digital solution is the first of its kind and delivers huge progress in the fight to keep deaf children safe.

    Pilot testing in South Africa and Pakistan

    In 2022 we piloted our DeafKidz Defenders resource in a school-based model in South Africa and Pakistan via our local implementing partners, Thrive and Deaf Reach. Through this pilot we reached 600 deaf children, collecting vital data on their increased knowledge and understanding of keeping safe.

    We’re delighted to say the DeafKidz Defenders pilot was a huge success and a smash hit with deaf children, parents, and schools alike!

    Watch our video about the Pakistan pilot
    Watch our video about the South Africa pilot

    Quotes below from pilot testing

    “Introducing games to support education for deaf children was a masterstroke!

    “I have played a lot of games online, but they were confusing as they were for hearing people. With DK Defenders, I feel safe and prepared to deal with any challenge. I will protect my sister and friends also and teach them!”

    “When we learnt about the DK Defenders, I was amazed at the dignified manner in which the subject was presented to adolescent children…The DK Defenders was an eye opener and spoke directly about why we need to educate and inform our children.”

    Photos of school children testing the DeafKidz Defenders Games in South Africa and Pakistan

    Watch this space for more news of next steps and the expansion of DeafKidz Defenders in new regions and schools across the world. If you’re interested in partnering with us or want to learn more about this programmes please contact us on

    Together we will ensure deaf children can live safely without fear of abuse and exploitation, and that no deaf child is left behind.

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    Responding to the Protection Needs of Deaf Children in Ukraine

    In March 2022, in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, DeafKidz International looked to determine how best it could use its child protection expertise to ensure deaf children and their families were supported, during the most dangerous conflict to be prosecuted in Europe since the Second World War. We immediately reached out to the Ukrainian Deaf Association, during the initial invasion phase, to offer our support. It became quickly apparent that supporting the Ukrainian Deaf Association was to become a very crowded and confused space, compounded by contradictory social media information that only added to the increasing sense of alarm. The situation was further challenged by a global deaf membership organisation appointing itself as the lead co-ordinating agency, despite having no experience of humanitarian response. All of this whilst dynamic and agile grass roots organisations such as Off the Grid Missions and DeafBridge worked in-country to respond practically to the needs of deaf children and their families dislocated by the conflict.

    Consequently, we stepped back from the immediate response and looked for a more tangible and sustainable way to respond to the protection needs of children affected by the nightmare of the war. After discussions with a number of our key partners including War Child UK, Save the Children UK and Hope & Homes for Children, DeafKidz International launched an emergency appeal to specifically support the safe evacuation, alternative family-based care, and placement of the estimated 100,000 children within the orphanage care system in Ukraine, 50% of whom are known to have some form of disability, including deafness.

    The appeal raised £55,000 from donated funds and contracts awarded in response to the scheme of works proposed. Thank you to everyone who generously supported our appeal. We are especially grateful to nWise and the Royal Association for Deaf people (RAD) who made signature donations to the appeal. Your support enabled consultants from DeafKidz International to be deployed to Romania and Moldova to review the operations of one of our key partners. This ensured that their work responding to the needs of refugee families, unaccompanied children and children evacuated from orphanages in Ukraine is inclusive of the needs of deaf children – providing their basic needs and offering essential psycho-social support until they can return safely to Ukraine. This project is, clearly, a long term piece of work and DeafKidz International is committed to working with its partners for the duration. Our experience in documenting the protection needs of deaf children caught up in the European refugee crisis showed that deaf children and their families are often overlooked during complex humanitarian events. Indeed, that in situations involving fragile or conflict affected states, rates of deafness in children are high as a result of poor maternal and neo-natal care; and in some instances, because of cultural intricacies such as consanguinity. Yet our evidence shows that humanitarian response fails to be inclusive of the communication needs of deaf children and their rights to protection are often ignored. This creates further issues in that deaf children experiencing psycho-trauma as a result of their exposure to conflict rarely access support. Being left alone to comprehend the events around them, with no dedicated and specific psycho-social provision afforded in the communication mode of choice – sign language, community-ethnic sign or sign supported spoken language. In Ukraine, Romania and Moldova, we will continue our vital work, as we have previously done in Greece and France. No deaf child should have to experience conflict – and we shall continue our mission to ensure no deaf child is left behind.

    New Global Ambassador Tasha Ghouri

    As we mark the end of International Week of Deaf People 2022, we are thrilled to announce model, actress and influencer Tasha Ghouri, known most recently for being the first deaf contestant in ITV’s Love Island, has joined the DeafKidz International team of Global Ambassadors.

    We are so grateful for Tasha’s ongoing support of our work – she has long supported DeafKidz and we are delighted to have her on board as an Ambassador.

    Tasha explains why she’s joining as a Global Ambassador and supporting our work:

    “Before entering the villa I had raised money for DeafKidz because of who they are as an organisation, they are a small team but the work, ethic and values is amazing and the reason why I want to continue working with DeafKidz is because they continuously work to protect children in low-middle income countries from domestic abuse. Deaf children are three times more likely to be abused than hearing children so they are at more risk. DeafKidz prevent the abuse of deaf children, young people and vulnerable adults – with the donations they ensure that they have equal access to education and health opportunities. I’m so proud to be joining this organisation.

    Everyday I think how damn lucky I am to even receive a cochlear implant whilst there’s children / young adults that can’t even access this. I’m joining forces with DeafKidz to continue to make a difference, by doing everything I possibly can to help raise awareness and funds for the organisation so that we can work towards a world where all children and young adults with superpowers are able to access audiologists and treatment just as I was”.

    We can’t wait to continue working with Tasha – watch this space for news!

    Photo credit: Adam Brazier

    Sign up to the XRAI Glass Pilot Scheme!

    Today, Friday 29th July 2022, XRAI Glass have launched the public preview of its revolutionary technology. XRAI Glass is a pioneering software product with a mission to enrich conversation for millions of people around the world who are deaf or experience hearing loss.

    Users wearing phone-tethered augmented reality (AR) smart glasses will be able to read speech in real-time through closed captioning. The XRAI Glass software converts audio into a subtitled version of conversation which will then appear on the user’s glasses screen. The software’s sophisticated voice recognition capabilities can identify who’s speaking and will soon have the power to translate languages, voice tones, accents, and pitch.

    Our Founder and Chair, Steve Crump OBE, was in their office this week testing a pair of the glasses and said:

    “As a profoundly deaf person myself, I was blown away by this technology. When I tried on the glasses, I was astonished – real time subtitles that enable you to engage and participate as never before. I see XRAI Glass as a hugely positive force, and I can’t wait to work with the team to help bring this to life.”

    If you think you would benefit from using XRAI Glass and are interested in taking part in the trial period, sign up to take part at

    The glasses will be available online to purchase by EE network customers for an upfront cost of £10 then £35 per month for 11 months or at EE stores nationwide for non-EE customers for £399.99. There will be no cost for the software during the public preview and the price following the public preview will be based on feedback from pilot user.

    If you have any questions about getting involved in the pilot scheme, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at

    Photo looking through a pair of XRAI glasses
    A person holds a pair of XRAI Glass glasses, showing live closed captioning

    Congratulations to our Founder & Chair, Steve Crump, on his OBE

    It is our incredible honour and privilege to share the news that our Founder and Chair, Steve Crump, has been appointed an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the Queen’s Birthday Honours 2022.

    This award on the Overseas and International List recognises Steve’s services to the global safeguarding and protection of deaf children as Founder and Chair of DeafKidz International. As an experienced CEO and manager, Steve currently works in Brighton as the Interim Director of Charities & Voluntary Services, for the University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust.

    It was whilst serving as a board member of War Child UK that Steve learnt of the appalling abuse and exploitation of deaf children, especially in conflict-affected areas of sub- Saharan Africa, which – while pervasive and prevalent – was largely ignored by international organisations and the wider child protection community. Resolving to address this injustice, Steve founded DeafKidz International in 2013, which is today, emerging as the global leader for the safeguarding and protection of deaf children. Over the years, Steve has worked relentlessly to ensure that deaf children and young people are able to live safely and without fear of stigma, discrimination and abuse in their communication mode of choice.

    Reacting to his award, Steve said, “’I was surprised and stunned in equal measure to be awarded an OBE. This honour is very much a team award and one that recognises the tireless work of our trustee, staff and partner teams as we work to ensure, globally, that deaf children and young people are safe from abuse and exploitation. In just nine years, DeafKidz International has come a long way but there is much more to do – and so in our tenth anniversary year in 2023, we will be looking to redouble our efforts. To ensure no deaf child is left behind.”

    Rt Hon Lord Bruce of Bennachie, Honorary President and Ambassador of DeafKidz International, said, “Since I first met Steve, I have been amazed at his energy and commitment. He has built DeafKidz International into an amazing force for good for deaf people in situations where they are ignored or, worse still, persecuted. They are so lucky to have a champion in Steve by their side. This award is a fitting tribute to his work to date – and there is much more to come.”

    “We are so proud of Steve for this very well-deserved recognition of his commitment to the safeguarding and protection of deaf children. Steve is the life force behind DeafKidz International and his drive and dedication inspires us every day. While this is a personal honour for Steve, we at DeafKidz International feel seen and acknowledged by this award and it spurs us on to continue our work to ensure deaf children can live safely and enjoy their rights fully in an inclusive world”, said Kavita Prasad, Chief Executive Officer of DeafKidz International.

    Liz Avital, the Vice-Chair of DeafKidz International, said, “On behalf of the Board of DeafKidz International, I would like to congratulate Steve Crump on the enormous achievement and honour of being awarded an OBE. This is the truest reflection of Steve’s determination and tenacity to act upon his belief that deaf children, young people and adults should be protected from abuse and exploitation. Over the past 10 years, Steve has worked relentlessly, juggling the demands of his work and career with the often-competing demands of starting a new charity, a testament to him but also to his family, who have supported him throughout. Steve is a man on a mission, a tireless force of nature, always looking for the next opportunity for DeafKidz to reach even more people. Huge congratulations, and here’s to the next 10 years.”

    While a lot has been done, there is still a long way to go to ensure deaf children everywhere are safe and protected from harm. We are certain that this award will drive Steve to further advance the work of DeafKidz International and keep going, until we have realised our vision of a world, where deaf children are able to live safely, without the fear of abuse and exploitation.


    Watch this space for news on our upcoming challenge events. If you are interested in taking part in a running or cycling event or already have your own place and would like to fundraise for DeafKidz please contact us at


    Millions have fled Ukraine to seek refuge in neighbouring countries. We need your support to respond to the urgent needs of deaf refugees.

    Over 3 million Ukrainians – and rising – have been forced to flee their homes. Among them are 1.5 million children, who are now refugees. 1 in 70 of these are likely to be deaf children, already at greater risk of abuse and exploitation and largely excluded from access to essential services.

    Your donations will help ensure that humanitarian action effectively INCLUDES deaf refugees and PROTECTS deaf children from harm

    Please donate today and together we can ensure no deaf child is left behind.

    DONATE NOW to DeafKidz Appeal for Ukrainian Refugees

    Why we need your urgent help

    Over 3 million Ukrainians – and rising – have fled to neighbouring countries due to the Russian invasion, since 24 February. While the exact numbers of deaf children are not yet known, we estimate that at least 22,500 of the currently 1.5 million child refugees are deaf children.

    DeafKidz International is dedicated to the safeguarding and protection of deaf children. We need your support to respond to the needs of deaf children and their families who are now seeking refuge in neighbouring countries, uprooted from their lives and forced to flee their homes.

    Children often bear the worst toll of war and deaf children even more so, already at greater risk of abuse and exploitation and largely excluded from essential services such as protection, health and education.

    We are currently reaching out to our network of international and local organisations to get an urgent understanding of the situation and mobilise collaboratively to ensure that deaf refugees are central to this humanitarian response.

    We will be deploying a team of experts to countries neighbouring Ukraine to assess the needs of deaf refugees, particularly deaf children, ascertain the gaps and barriers and respond meaningfully to their needs, with a view to ensuring their full and equal inclusion in the humanitarian response.

    With more refugees expected, we need your support to ensure that humanitarian action effectively INCLUDES deaf refugees and PROTECTS deaf children from harm.

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    Support our DeafKidz Christmas Appeal

    This Christmas, please light up our DeafKidz Christmas Tree to raise funds for our global projects ensuring the safety and protection of deaf children.

    As we end another year navigating the challenges of the global coronavirus pandemic, now more than ever we must focus our attention on marginalised groups who are at danger of being left behind as the world moves on.

    As resources inevitably become more scarce through recovery from COVID-19, and ever harder decisions need to be made around how to provide support to those who need it most, we need to think actively and consciously about the groups of people who may not have the voice to secure the resources or make their needs heard.

    Deafness is the third largest disability globally with 466 million deaf people worldwide. Deaf children are three times more likely to be abused than hearing children. Due to the lack of deaf awareness and resources, deaf children face barriers to accessing services and support in so many settings: teachers; social workers; police; medical professionals; and many more. They are unable to communicate effectively with deaf children so their needs are not met.

    DeafKidz International addresses the vital gaps in these safeguarding and protection needs, reducing the risk of abuse through education and safeguarding projects, empowering deaf children to protect themselves, and the adults around them to provide protection.

    This year, please make a donation to support our life-changing work. Why not swap your Secret Santa present for a thoughtful gift supporting deaf children instead? You can make a gift in your colleague, friends or families name, leave a special message and they will be sent an e-card to see your kind present!

    Your support means so much to us – together we can ensure no deaf child is left behind this Christmas. Thank you.

    Support our Christmas appeal now!


    A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by Action Deafness (AD) and DeafKidz International (DKI) expresses a broadly agreed intention to continue working together and signals both organisations’ firm commitment to build upon their existing working relationship and close collaborative ties.

    This latest MoU partnership aims to jointly create opportunities in reaching fresh stakeholder audiences, utilising emerging innovation and possibility whilst benefiting the services and programmes that both organisations deliver.

    Craig Crowley, Chief Executive of Action Deafness, said: “We are delighted to be able to announce this advanced relationship with DeafKidz International. Close collaboration will enable both organisations to share ideas and expertise, generate cutting-edge innovation and ultimately further benefit the stakeholders and beneficiaries that we serve.”

    Kavita Prasad, Chief Executive of DeafKidz International, said: “We are thrilled to formalise our close working relationship with Action Deafness through this MoU. This partnership will leverage the expertise, experience and innovation of both organisations and create a joint platform for programmes and services that will safeguard our key constituency – deaf children and youth.”

    Action Deafness is the UK’s leading Deaf-led charity providing flagship specialist services in communications interpreting (including a partnership with SignVideo for video relay services), community & care and sensory services. Recognised as an approved provider of NHS Shared Business Services, AD is also CQC-registered and holds ISO quality assurance accreditations alongside Cyber Essentials Plus Certification.

    DeafKidz International is a global leader working to ensure that deaf children and young people are able to live safely, without fear of stigma, discrimination and abuse, using their communication mode of choice. With safeguarding at the heart of all its work, DeafKidz International aims to respond comprehensively to the protection, health, wellbeing and access to education needs of deaf children, young people and adults worldwide.

    Watch the video announcement in BSL here:

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