Urgent Laptop appeal for our DeafKidz Defenders Programme

6th November 2023

Join us in making a difference for deaf children in Zambia and South Africa through the DeafKidz Defenders programme. If you are an individual or a business with old laptops and you are not sure what to do with them, we want to hear from you!

About our DeafKidz Defenders Programme

Children enjoying playing the DeafKidz Defenders Game

Children enjoying playing the DeafKidz Defenders Game

Deaf children are three times more likely to be abused and exploited than hearing children. With global internet access on the rise, victims of online abuse and exploitation are also on the rise. Despite the higher risks deaf children face, there is a significant lack of safeguarding resources specifically to educate deaf children and teachers. Thanks to funding from The Global Partnership to End Violence, in 2022 we developed DeafKidz Defenders, an interactive and accessible digital platform designed to educate young deaf children on how to stay safe online.

This educational resource covers 7 visual games covering topics including trusted adults; saying stop; keeping secrets; private body parts; cyber bullying; Indecent pictures and online grooming. The games build a foundation of skills and reinforce the concepts, focusing on staying safe online. DeafKidz Defenders is a resource for schools and comes with lesson plans for teachers.

Our pilot across 10 schools in Pakistan and South Africa (teaching 620 children aged 5-17) found a significant increase in children’s knowledge on how to stay safe online and found that DK Defenders can equip teachers and parents to better protect their children. Following the DeafKidz Defenders sessions, deaf children were 7 times more likely to recognise abuse and remember to Say Stop and Tell a Trusted Adult.

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Why we need your laptops

After the success of the pilot, we are now rolling out DeafKidz Defenders in more schools across South Africa and Zambia, however many of the schools have low resources and in need of laptops to use this gaming platform.

To sustain and expand our impact, we’re seeking donations of old laptops or ones you no longer use. If you have any laptops gathering dust or if your workplace has a surplus, consider giving them a second life by contributing to our cause.

The process is simple – we’ll wipe the laptops, install the engaging DeafKidz Defenders resource, and deliver them to the schools where we’re actively teaching. These laptops won’t be fleeting gifts; they’ll become integral tools for years to come, fostering an environment where deaf children can learn and are empowered to stay safe online.

Our reliance on laptops is paramount to the success of these programs, and your contribution could be the key to unlocking a world of possibilities for these children. Every laptop you donate helps us bridge the digital gap and empower deaf students through interactive education.

Ready to be a part of this meaningful journey? If you are an individual or a business with laptops looking for a new home, reach out to us at info@deafkidzinternational.org or +44 7305 433 250 to donate your laptops and be a catalyst for positive change. Together, let’s create a future where every deaf child has the tools they need to stay safe and thrive!

Students from Zambia University College of Technology who generously lent us laptops for training teachers in the initial stages of our program rollout

Students from Zambia University College of Technology who generously lent us laptops for training teachers in the initial stages of our program rollout

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